Pink Gemstones Used in Jewelry

The pink gemstone color in jewelry is associated with cute, feminine energy, universal love, compassion, harmony, affection, inner peace, and passion. With pink jewelry, the passion of the red is softened with openness, purity, and completeness of white color and replaced with soft loving energy. In the past, pink crystals were pretty popular but their popularity raised significantly in the past few decades gaining more and more popularity over time. Nowadays, their popularity is almost the same with red, blue and green stones.

Taking into consideration how many pink gemstones we have in nature, it would be pretty time consuming to list everything there is about every single one of those pink stones. Because of that, we have decided to list 17 pink crystals that are either dominant in jewelry stores, sought-after or simply so interesting that we must do them justice and include them on this list. We have not put following pink stones in any order by price, rarity or abundance. Order is similar to category listing on our AOV Crystals website.


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